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First impressions count

At Working Wardrobe we provide good quality work wear and interview attire to those in need of a boost of confidence and self-belief.

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Making a lasting impact

No clothes go to waste. We work with textile initiatives and community projects to prevent clothing going to landfill.


By redistributing pre-loved clothing to job seekers and those experiencing in-work poverty for free to ease the financial pressures in today's economy.


Success Story

Yulia's Story

After the Russian Government’s sudden attack on Ukraine, Yulia fled the country with her two young children, eventually arriving in Wales with nothing. Needing to provide for her children and figure out what to do next, Yulia later managed to secure a job interview with Caerphilly Council.

Obviously, having arrived here with very few possessions would make attending a job interview difficult. That’s where Working Wardrobe came in, providing clothing suitable for Yulia to attend the interview.

One year after fleeing the war in Ukraine, Yulia has now secured the role with Caerphilly Council, working as their Ukraine Arrival Liaison, supporting others coming to Wales from Ukraine.


Yulia has also teamed up with our Out of Work Service in Gwent; as she's working to help people fleeing Ukraine, she's keen to make sure there's access to volunteering, training and employment opportunities available for them here.

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