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About Us

Step into a world where confidence knows no bounds – a world where your journey to success is supported with the perfect outfit. At Working Wardrobe, we believe that everyone should have the chance to feel self-assured, whether it’s in the workplace, during an important interview, or at the start of a new job.

Our vision is centred around a thriving Wales, where career aspirations aren’t restricted by limited access to quality clothing. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to provide free interview attire and professional workwear to individuals across South Wales and beyond.


At Working Wardrobe, we're not just about outfits – we’re committed to promoting sustainability by giving pre-loved clothing a second chance, reducing unnecessary landfill waste. We're boosting confidence, fostering opportunity, and making a small but meaningful difference for a greener planet.


An introduction from our founders

Hey there! 


We’re Rich & Sam, co-founders of Working Wardrobe.


By day, we manage Moxie People, a recruitment business reshaping how recruiters impact lives and communities. Through our people-first approach, we invest time, resources, and profit into community projects, aiming to transform lives through jobs.


Working Wardrobe, our kick-ass initiative under the Moxie Foundation, was born during the COVID peak. Teaming up with locals and businesses, we’re on a mission to…


  • Boost employment rates, by ensuring everyone in Wales can interview or work confidently.

  • Combat clothing poverty for workers and job seekers.

  • Reduce the 360,000 tons of clothing dumped in UK landfills annually. 

Our Values | R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


Providing encouragement, as well emotional and practical support to those who need it.


Creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.


Minimising environmental impact and maximising the reuse of resources.


Showing dignity and respect for all people regardless of their circumstances.


Helping people to build skills and confidence to live independent lives, free from poverty.


Partnering with others to maximise the impact in communities.


Providing opportunities to Volunteers to increase skills and confidence.

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